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Versatile t shirt

Versatile Bi Pride T Shirts

There are plenty of slang terms for bisexuals. Some are insulting, some funny, and some are actually kinda cool. Very few actually fit bisexuality though. One that does is VERSATILE. To be versatile is to be able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. It is to be flexible, and multifaceted. That is a very good way to explain how many bisexuals see themselves. Bisexuals are versatile. So, here we have the word VERSATILE done with bi pride colors and with an underline also done in the bi pride colors just to make sure people get it if they know what those colors stand for.

I bat for both teams

I think this one is a bit self explanatory, but just in case you haven’t heard the phrase before it is a very common one.
I personally have heard it a million times (Yes, slight exaggeration there) from bisexuals as a humorous way to say “hey, I’m bi.”
I’ve also heard it (lest often, but still many times) as a derogatory comment towards bisexuals from both straight people and gays and lesbians.

I bat for both teams bisexual shirts
I bat for both teams

This shirt was designed with the idea of being fun and lighthearted. An easy way to say “I’m bi.” It serves as a humorous and non hostile bit of bi visibility and also in the case of people who have used the phrase in a derogatory manner… it takes that phrase back so it doesn’t seem a good insult anymore.

The design features crossed bats and a distressed sport styled font to match the wooden bats that reads “I Bat For Both Teams.”
Though this one wasn’t designed specifically with ball players in mind it is doubly fun for someone if they happen to be softball, fastpitch, hardball, baseball type fans or players.

Half & Half

If there is one thing required of pretty much every bisexual in this current age to be happy and healthy it is a sense of humor.

Half and half bi humor shirt

Half gay, half straight? Half straight and half gay? Does it make a difference which way it is said?
Some people find the term a bit insulting, some people use it to describe themselves. “I’m half lesbian.”
A few get offended and say they don’t fall in the middle. They point out that it doesn’t represent most bisexuals. True, but it does actually represent some, and however you think of it, it is a bit funny.
That is why we drew it like this… to bring out the smiles and humor.
Plus… you are GRADE A, and this particular carton of half & half has no expiration date. It is good forever.

The design features the double triangles in bi pride colors, and the coolest bi pride comic cow ever.
Plus… there is a straw so if someone extra sexy happens to ask about your shirt you can point it out and offer them a sip.

Fence Sitter Susie

Sally and Jane didn’t seem to mind, but Susie was tired of being called a fence sitter.

Fence Sitter T Shirt

American Heritage┬« Dictionary gives this as a definition for the term “fence sitter”>
fence sitter
n. Informal
One who takes a position of neutrality or indecision, as in a controversial matter.
fence-sitting (fnsstng) n.

In a world filled with monosexism many people consider bisexuals to be unwilling to decide whether they are gay or straight.
Oddly, when you consider that many gays claim they are “born this way”, rather than it being a decision, we find this sort of thinking more prevalent in the gay communities than anywhere else. I guess they think you can only be “born this way” if it is 100% heterosexuality or homosexuality that is being discussed.
Long story short, bisexuals are fence sitters in the minds of those who don’t believe in or disprove of a non-monosexual orientation.
Some bisexuals don’t care what those people think or say. Some have embraced the term and use it themselves. Others, like Susie don’t like it one bit.
No matter whether you have embraced the term and use it yourself, or are sick of it, this shirt is a great way to bring attention to the topic within circles that would know the term.
Since it doesn’t actually sport any bi pride colors or saying however it isn’t really a bi visibility shirt.
However you look at it though, it is fun and cute.

This fun fun nineteenth century styled retro design is also available as a greeting card.