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The B in LGBT visibility and inclusion shirt

Bi Pride with the B in LGBT bisexual inclusion and visibility shirt
The B in LGBT

Bisexual erasure is huge within the LGBT communities. It seems that every other pride event and or equality campaign talks about gays and lesbians while forgetting the B and T. Of those who do try and be a bit more inclusive it is often just adding in the T while still not including the bisexuals. Biphobia among monosexuals is often the culprit, but also it is often lack of our own bisexual voices and visibility within the lgbtq communities.
I personally am sick and tired of the B being left out… so, here we have the BIG B in the LGBT.

This design features The letters LGBT with the B enlarged so people take note along with a check-mark done in the bisexual pride colors on the big B just in case somebody doesn’t get it.

A perfect and simple shirt design that shouts out to end bisexual erasure and pushes for inclusion while also giving us (the bisexuals of the world) some bi visibility in general.

Fence Sitter Susie

Sally and Jane didn’t seem to mind, but Susie was tired of being called a fence sitter.

Fence Sitter T Shirt

American Heritage┬« Dictionary gives this as a definition for the term “fence sitter”>
fence sitter
n. Informal
One who takes a position of neutrality or indecision, as in a controversial matter.
fence-sitting (fnsstng) n.

In a world filled with monosexism many people consider bisexuals to be unwilling to decide whether they are gay or straight.
Oddly, when you consider that many gays claim they are “born this way”, rather than it being a decision, we find this sort of thinking more prevalent in the gay communities than anywhere else. I guess they think you can only be “born this way” if it is 100% heterosexuality or homosexuality that is being discussed.
Long story short, bisexuals are fence sitters in the minds of those who don’t believe in or disprove of a non-monosexual orientation.
Some bisexuals don’t care what those people think or say. Some have embraced the term and use it themselves. Others, like Susie don’t like it one bit.
No matter whether you have embraced the term and use it yourself, or are sick of it, this shirt is a great way to bring attention to the topic within circles that would know the term.
Since it doesn’t actually sport any bi pride colors or saying however it isn’t really a bi visibility shirt.
However you look at it though, it is fun and cute.

This fun fun nineteenth century styled retro design is also available as a greeting card.

When did you decide to be straight?

When did you decide to be straight bi pride shirts
When did you decide to be straight?

It is pretty common for straight people to ask bisexuals when they “decided” to become bisexual.
“When did you become bi?” or “When did you decide to turn bi?” are a couple of other ways I have had this question asked.
Besides the people who actually ask out loud, there are a lot of straight people who mentally just wonder that. “I wonder when they decided to become bi?”

What many straight people don’t understand is that nobody really chooses to be bisexual, homosexual, transgender, etc… In fact it is often a struggle to come to grips with being different from culture’s norm for most people who identify as LGBTQ. It is never really a choice to find attraction in someone. It just is. We are made that way.

The best response to “When did you decide to be bi?” seems to be “When did you decide to be straight?”
That question thrown back at them often makes them think. It can make a person realize they never decided. It makes them realize that was just how it always was for them, so it is most likely the same for you.
They never decided. That is the answer.
So maybe you are tired of hearing such questions. Maybe you are tired of just knowing people think those questions. Either way, here is a shirt for you.
Big words done with a subtle use of the bi pride flag colors.

When Did You Decide To Be Straight? Tee Shirt
When Did You Decide To Be Straight? Tee Shirt by BiLove
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Available in multiple styles and colors!

You’re looking at my color wheel

Show your colors in a classy way with this design that is both an in your face statement to those who practice bi-erasure and have bi-phobic tendencies, yet is just a simple pride statement to those who are your allies, friends, and to fellow bisexuals.

Bisexual color wheel bi pride shirt design