Bi-Furious T-Shirts

We have two different versions of this BI-FURIOUS design.

The first one is a bit bolder and more in your face than the second, but both get the point across.
The wearer of this shirt is BI-FURIOUS!

BI-FURIOUS Bisexual Shirt

Bi-furious Bisexual T Shirts
Bi-furious Bisexual T Shirts by BiLove
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Bi Furious T shirt design

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There are a few of you out in internet land who may have stumbled onto this page who don’t know what being BI-FURIOUS means.

It is actually a term used in a couple of ways, but the most common one is what made us make this shirt design.
You see… some people claim that bisexuality doesn’t even exist. Some people think it is a phase. Some people claim girls are bisexual only for attention or that guys claim bisexuality just to not commit to being 100% homosexual.
Straight people often consider bisexuals gay while homosexuals consider bisexuals to be straight or “sitting on a fence,” unwilling to make a choice. Many of these people (heterosexuals and homosexuals) almost demand that bisexuals chose one or the other. They want us to pick a side and stick to it.
Pop media loves to talk about gays and lesbians, but refuses to acknowledge bisexuals. If a bisexual accomplishes something amazing they are labeled gay or lesbian in the news. The list of wrongs goes on and on, and it makes some self identified bisexuals a tad angry. It makes some bisexuals really pissed. Every once and a while the bisexual erasure, stereotyping, and rude behavior of ignorant people suffering from nasty cases of biphobia can make a self assured bisexual become furious. BI-FURIOUS!

That is what set us to making this design.

Now the other (though much less common) use of the term is a self identifying one also. Though the majority of people who identify as bi are quite happy being with either their own gender or another gender, some people who identify as bisexual want or need both at the same time to feel complete or satisfied. Most often people who call themselves bi-furious for this reason are more physically focused than emotionally focused in their desires.

However you look at it… It is a great shirt design and and perfect for anyone who is BI-FURIOUS.

This awesome design is also available on a portable mini speaker.