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Half & Half

If there is one thing required of pretty much every bisexual in this current age to be happy and healthy it is a sense of humor.

Half and half bi humor shirt

Half gay, half straight? Half straight and half gay? Does it make a difference which way it is said?
Some people find the term a bit insulting, some people use it to describe themselves. “I’m half lesbian.”
A few get offended and say they don’t fall in the middle. They point out that it doesn’t represent most bisexuals. True, but it does actually represent some, and however you think of it, it is a bit funny.
That is why we drew it like this… to bring out the smiles and humor.
Plus… you are GRADE A, and this particular carton of half & half has no expiration date. It is good forever.

The design features the double triangles in bi pride colors, and the coolest bi pride comic cow ever.
Plus… there is a straw so if someone extra sexy happens to ask about your shirt you can point it out and offer them a sip.

I wonder if she goes both ways?

Another fun and flirty shirt for bi girls that serves to invite comment, let other girls know you may be interested, let bi-phobic lesbians know you are NOT just into one gender, and also helps spread bisexual awareness in a non threatening and lighthearted manner.

Here it is… The age old question that goes through every bisexual woman’s head at least sometimes. “I wonder if she goes both ways?”
I wonder if she goes both ways bi girl shirt
A Retro girl who is just wondering… “Is she bi?”
I know it looks so amazing in grey tones, but we did a color version too!

Wonder if she goes both ways bi girl color version shirt

We who are making these shirts are in disagreement as to if the color version or the grey version is the coolest. We shall let you decide. 🙂

Wink if you’re bi t-shirt

Wink if you’re bi t-shirt
A fun design featuring a retro girl with bi pride colors in her eye and the words “Wink if you’re bi” below it.
Wink if you're bi t-shirt
This shirt is just fabulous for a lot of reasons.
The biggest one in our opinion is it is a fun and cute way to say “hey, I’m bi.”
We are big on bi visibility here.
This shirt is also a bit of a flirty shirt that welcomes other people to introduce themselves to you if they are bisexual without fear of being condemned.
Because bisexuals are so invisible in our society and people like to assume a person is either gay or straight it is hard to know how accepted you will be by someone for who you really are.
This design kinda opens the door for people who are not biphobic to maybe give you a wink and say “hi, I’m Joe” or “My name is Sue and I’m bi too.”

Wink if you're bi t-shirt
Wink if you're bi t-shirt by BiLove
Create one-of-a-kind custom t-shirts at Zazzle.

You can find a direct link to the women’s styled shirts HERE.

If you like the idea, but don’t want to go all out with a shirt…
this little button will pretty much serve the same purpose.

Wink if you're bi pinback buttons
Wink if you're bi pinback buttons by BiLove
Check out Wink if you’re bi Buttons online at zazzle