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LGBT Bi Pride Pastel Hearts

rainbow pastel bi pride and lgbt hearts

Two hearts. One in the LGBT pride rainbow colors and one in the Bi pride colors to show how you fit withing the LGBT. This design is done in a soft pastel style and was made with a white or very light background in mind. The colors will not look right if you order this design on a dark shirt.

Versatile t shirt

Versatile Bi Pride T Shirts

There are plenty of slang terms for bisexuals. Some are insulting, some funny, and some are actually kinda cool. Very few actually fit bisexuality though. One that does is VERSATILE. To be versatile is to be able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. It is to be flexible, and multifaceted. That is a very good way to explain how many bisexuals see themselves. Bisexuals are versatile. So, here we have the word VERSATILE done with bi pride colors and with an underline also done in the bi pride colors just to make sure people get it if they know what those colors stand for.

Bisexual Awareness Ribbon

Bisexual Awareness Ribbon
Bisexual Awareness Ribbon

We made this one after someone requested it for a button design.

Why a Bisexual Awareness Ribbon? Bisexual visibility is very important and bisexual erasure is so common that it seems a plague. Awareness ribbons are well known and understood. The ribbon itself is synonymous with the idea of awareness. When people see ribbons of different colors that they don’t know they often ask “what is that?” When they see colors they do know it sets them thinking about the subject. It was suggested to us that a bisexual awareness ribbon pin in the bisexual pride colors would be cool. We went with a cartooned drawing style to make it pop easily and give it a playful look. Bisexuality exists, bisexuality is real and natural. Bisexual erasure isn’t cool, biphobia is bad. Educate yourself and educate others on the subjects bisexuals must deal with on a regular basis. Spread the awareness.

Bi Pride Check

Sometimes we want to be a bit more subtle than others. A giant bi pride flag doesn’t always need to be waved around every second of the day, but visibility is important.
This is simple and to the point. A check-mark in a bi pride colors pattern that basically says “I’m bisexual and proud of it” without actually saying a word.

bi pride check mark bi pride shirt
Got Pride? Check!

Bisexual in the house?
Got Pride?
Oh yes… Check! 

The B in LGBT visibility and inclusion shirt

Bi Pride with the B in LGBT bisexual inclusion and visibility shirt
The B in LGBT

Bisexual erasure is huge within the LGBT communities. It seems that every other pride event and or equality campaign talks about gays and lesbians while forgetting the B and T. Of those who do try and be a bit more inclusive it is often just adding in the T while still not including the bisexuals. Biphobia among monosexuals is often the culprit, but also it is often lack of our own bisexual voices and visibility within the lgbtq communities.
I personally am sick and tired of the B being left out… so, here we have the BIG B in the LGBT.

This design features The letters LGBT with the B enlarged so people take note along with a check-mark done in the bisexual pride colors on the big B just in case somebody doesn’t get it.

A perfect and simple shirt design that shouts out to end bisexual erasure and pushes for inclusion while also giving us (the bisexuals of the world) some bi visibility in general.